Deer River Hot Springs (Hot Springs)


These undeveloped wilderness hot springs are located on the west side of the Deer Creek, northeast of Liard Hotsprings Provincial Park. Access to these springs is very difficult and very few people have actually visited them. Only experienced hikers should attempt to get there. The site has a magnificent large turquoise-blue pool (more like a small lake) that is about 30 meters diameter and 6 meters deep. The water in the pool is clear and warm with the temperature of about 32°C (91°F). There area has a number of other vents from which the water emerges and flows in a series of streams and waterfalls into the Deer River. The site has a large population of wildlife, including bears and moose.



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From the bridge across Liard River on Highway 97 at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park, follow a trail east for about 16 km along the north bank of the Liard River until you reach the mouth of the Deer River. Follow the Dear River for 13 km upstream to the springs. The springs are on the west side of the Deer River.  This hike requires a lot of bushwhacking and can be dangerous. Only experienced hikers should attempt it.

Alternative or easier routes to the hot springs are not yet known.

The specified location is an approximation.

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Deer River Hotsprings

Submitted by Guest on July 3, 2011

I have experience in my specific category, and I only have one thing to say, Use a helicopter. You stay dry, you don't get eaten and your in and out in about 10 minutes. XD


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