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These charming undeveloped hot springs, located at the Maquinna Provincial Marine Park and overlooking the open ocean and surrounding mountains, are considered by many to be one of the best hot springs in British Columbia. The steaming sulfur water (51 C / 124 F) emerges from a crack in the earth and cascades down a small cliff as a waterfall into a series of five natural rock pools. The water cools progressively as it flows from the top pool down to the bottom pool and into the ocean. At high tides, when the cold ocean water enters the two bottom pools it creates an enjoyable mix of hot and cold water. While this site is accessible by air or water only (a number of operators in Tofino offer the transportation service), it nevertheless is one of the busiest natural tourist attractions on the island. If you seek more privacy, plan to make this trip during fall and winter months.



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These hot springs are located at the tip of Openit Peninsula, at Maquinna Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, 27 nautical miles west of Tofino. This site is accessible by water or air only. A number of operators in Tofino provide transportation services.From the government docks, hike for 1.5 km on a boardwalk trail to the hot springs.


  • Mineral water contains various micro-organisms that could irritate your eyes, ears and throat.
  • Watershoes are recommended in the pools.
  • Some visitors prefer to bathe without a swimming suit.

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There is a wilderness and private camping available in the area, as well as a lodge operated by the Hesquiat First Nations.

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