Hotspring Island, Queen Charlotte Islands (Hot Springs)


Hotspring Island, also called Gandl K'in Gwaayaay in Haida language, is a small island located near the east coast of Lyell Island in the Queen Charlotte Islands archipelago in Gwaii Haanas National Park. There are many hot mineral springs emerging from the ground and forming natural soaking hot tubs in the volcanic rock with temperatures ranging from 31°C (88°F) to 76°C (169°F). The largest pool is surrounded by bushes and trees. A short trail will take you to the cliff-side pool, overlooking Juan Parez Straight, and to the ocean side pool where you can witness orcas passing by while loosening up in the mineral hot waters. This magnificent and wild natural wonder is administered jointly by Parks Canada and the Haida watchmen, who act as official hosts. The site is accessible by water or air only.



Contact Information

Gwaii Haanas National Park, Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
Phone: 250-559-8818
Toll Free: 877-559-8818

Additional Information

  • This is a sacred place for the Haida.
  • There is no camping or overnight accommodations on the island.
  • Register at the watchmen cabin after arrival.
  • Showers fed by the hot springs are available.
  • Toilets are available at the watchmen cabin.


National Park entry fees apply. Please check with Parks Canada for more details.

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