Klekane Inlet Hot Springs (Hot Springs)


These undeveloped wilderness hot springs are located at the head of Klekane Inlet some 15 meters above the Klekane River. The site has several spots where the hot water (55°C / 131°F) emerges from the solid rock. The place is difficult to find and the area is home to a large population of grizzly bears. Although these springs are rarely visited by people, the site used to be very popular with the locals from the nearby town of Butedale. You may still be able to find the ruins of an old cabin built by the locals near the hot springs.



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From the head of the Klekane Inlet hike north along the river for about 400 meters.

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Submitted by Guest on August 25, 2018

Many years ago I visited here, spring comes up in the gravel in the riverbed. Looks like it floods out every year. Look for steam rising then dig into the gravel to make a pool. Lots of crabs in the estuary


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