Lussier Hot Springs (Hot Springs)


This wilderness undeveloped hot springs consist of a set of four charming rock pools with gravel bottoms alongside the Lussier River. The pools naturally positioned on different levels. The water entering the first (top) pool has a temperature of 43°C (110°F). As the water flows down to the lower pools and eventually into the river it gradually cools down. The coolest pool temperature is at about 34°C (94°F). The ice-cold river water makes an superb plunge. The rock pools have room for several people at a time. During the summer months they tend to be crowded.



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Lussier Hot Springs are located near the western boundary of Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park (22 km North of Skookumchuck or 8 km South of Canal Flats). Access is East off Highway 93/95, on a well-maintained windy gravel logging Whiteswan Forestry Road. Drive distance is about 17 km. In the summer the road is good condition and can be accessed by any vehicle. During the winter months, as the road may be slippery and covered with snow all terrain vehicles should be used. BE AWARE of of the narrow winding section climbing up the Lussier gorge towards the end of the drive. There is a parking lot at the top and a short trail leading down to the pools.

Addtional Information

  • Change room and toilets are located at the parking lot
  • Bathers must wear bathing suits
  • Alcohol, dogs, and garbage are not permitted at the springs
  • Admission is free

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