Meager Creek Hot Springs (Hot Springs)


This wilderness hot spring offer three natural rock pools for you to enjoy and to soak in. The area is maintained by Recreation Sites and Trails BC. There is a no-service camping available near the spring, at the Upper Lillooet Campsite. The temperature of the water is hot at about 58°C (136°F).



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The Meager Creek area is one of the most UNSTABLE in BC and is subject to seasonal FLOODING, WASHOUTS, LANDSLIDES, and snow AVALANCHES in winter. EXTREME CAUTION is advised.

  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • A fee of $5.00 is collected from visitors 12yrs or older, for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Camping rate is $10.00.
  • Open from 8:00am to 6:00 pm.
  • Closed off-season after October 31.

Getting Here

Drive to Pemberton. Find and turn to Pemberton Meadows Rd. Follow Pemberton Meadows Rd north for about 22 km. Turn right and cross Lillooet River. Right after the bridge you should see a sign to “Lillooet River Forest Service Road”. Turn left and take the Lillooet River FSR north along the river. At about 7 km point you will see a junction with the Hurley FSR (the right fork). Keep left (take the left fork) and stay on Lillooet FSR. At 37 km point you will see an important-looking turnoff to the Meager Creel Rd on the left.  Turn left and cross Lillooet River. You are now on the Meager Creek Rd, and Meager Creek in on your left hand side. In about 3 km cross the bridge over Capricorn Creek.  About 3 km further from the Capricorn River (6 km from Lillooet River) you will see a junction. Keep left and drive for 600 meters until you reach the parking area. (There is another parking area further down the road across Meager Creek, but it may be closed. Check with the Forest Services for current parking regulations past the Meager Creek bridge). The recreational site and the hot springs are further down the road.

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