Pitt River Hot Springs (Hot Springs)


These remote hot springs, located in the Pitt River Canyon, have some of the best views a hot spring site can offer. Accessing these springs, however, is quite a challenge: a 30 km boat ride up Pitt Lake followed by a 20 km hike along an active logging road, and a difficult descend from the top of the cliff down to the soaking pool. Nevertheless, these hot springs are worth a visit! For your luxurious soaking relaxation there are two small pools with small waterfalls coming down of the cliff and a cold emerald-blue river (aka “the plunge pool”). The water temperature of the hot springs is at about 55°C (131°F).



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First, get to the docks at the north end of Pitt Lake (acessible by a boat or a plane only). Then follow the main logging road along the river north for 21 km. After you cross to the bridge over the Pitt River, look for a trail that is about 20 meters from the brdge. Follow the trail upstream (north, to the right from the road). Stay on the main trail until you reach an edge of a sharp drop to the river. You should see the pool now. Hold on to the ropes that are usually there and descend to the pool site. Check the ropes before using that as they may be damaged.


The hot springs pool may be flooded by the river when the water levels are high. Best times to visit: February through May, August to October.

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