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Founded in 1916, the UBC Botanical Garden is spread over 44 hectares and contains more than 8,000 plants from all over the world. This working garden is actively used for plant research, teaching, and community outreach and education. The space is partitioned into six thematic gardens, each featuring unique and interesting plants, shrubs, and trees. The Asian Garden, occupying 12 hectares, contains plants from Japan, China, Korea, Manchuria, Tibet, and other regions and showcases one of the largest collections of magnolias and rhododendrons in North America. The sensitive plants are sheltered under a canopy of native hemlock, fir, and cedar that provides shade and protection from the elements. The Asian Garden is criss-crossed with dozens of walkways that allow visitors to explore every corner of this space. At the east end of the Asian Garden, the Canopy Walkway is an exciting way to experience the forest views from an aerial system of bridges and platforms suspended among the tree trunks at a height of 17 meters above ground. In the northern part of the UBC Botanical Garden, the BC Native Garden harbours trees and shrubs typical of the BC coastal rainforest, while the Alpine Garden features an extensive collection of high-altitude plants from all parts of the world. The Food Garden illustrates the gardening techniques used in tending a variety of edible fruit and vegetables. The Physic Garden is a replica of a 16th century apothecary garden and contains herbs that were used in traditional medicine for many centuries.



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6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604-822-9666

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Weekdays: 9am to 5pm

Weekends: 9:30am to 5:30pm


Garden only (GST is included)

Adult                  $8.00

Youth (13-17)     $6.00

Child (5-12)        Free

Senior (65 )      $6.00

UBC Student (17 with a valid student card)     Free

Non-UBC Student (with a valid student card)     $6.00

Family (max. 2 adults, 3 children)                   $12.00

The Canopy Walkway (Garden admission and GST is included)

Adult                        $20.00

Youth (13-17)           $14.00

Child (5-12)               $6.00

Senior (65 )           $16.00

UBC Student (17 with a valid student card)     $10.00

Non-UBC Student (with a valid student card)     $16.00

Family (max. 2 adults, 3 children)                    $36.00

User Reviews

I loved it

Submitted by yas on October 28, 2009

I visited the UBC Botanical Garden for the first time in September of 2009 and was very impressed with its size and the huge variety of plants. It went far beyond what I was expecting to see here, and I regret not coming here sooner. I spent two hours in the garden, and did not even get to see all of it. It basically consists of two parts - northern and southern, connected by a tunnel. The sourthern part is more like a park, with a thick canopy of trees and many little footpaths. The northern part is where all the other "gardens" are. I especially liked the Food Garden, since it was harvest time and the crops were just amazing - huge tomatoes, corn, eggplants, apples, pears - whatever you usually see at a veggie store, but much bigger in size. I also liked the Alpine Garden, which is a huge collection of plants from all over the world, and each plant had a tag attached to it describing what it was. The collection of cacti and the herb garden were very interesting as well. Overall, I think that the garden is a must-see for all nature lovers and I highly recommend it. To learn even more about the plants in the garden, I would recommend renting an audio guide at the entrance gate. The only problem I can think of is that the interpretive signage is somewhat spotty, especially in the southern garden.


User Images

The Canopy Walkway

Oct 28, 2009

Inside the Physic Garden

Oct 28, 2009

Tomato plants in the Food Garden

Oct 28, 2009

The tunnel between the northern and southern gardens

Oct 28, 2009

The Asian Garden

Oct 28, 2009


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