Davidson Bridge Recreation Site


This recreation site is located on the shore of Taseko River on the Chilcotin Plateau. It provides a launch point for whitewater rafters and kayakers exploring the Taseko River paddling route. Fishing is also popular here. This site is suitable for RVs.


Vehicle Accessible Camping Walk-in / Wilderness Camping - - - - Campfires - Pit Toilets - - - - - - - - Managed Site / Facility Operator


Fishing - - - - Canoeing / Kayaking - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Campsite privacy
Fun for kids
Lots of shade

Number of campsites: 2, reservable: 0, nearest town: Hanceville (78 km), Williams Lake (approx.170 km)

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Access By: Road (RV accessible)

Starting at Hanceville (Lee's Corner) drive south on Hanceville - Canoe Creek Road toward Nemaiah Valley, Chilko Lake, and Ts’yl-Os Provincial Park, then follow Nemaiah Valley Road (900 Road) to the site. The site is located just before the bridge over Taseko River.

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