Fish Trap (Dean River) Recreation Site


This recreation site is found just off Highway 20 near the small village of Anahim Lake. The campsites are located along the meandering Dean River, which offers good canoeing and trout fishing opportunities. The campground is located north of a historic site (Chilcotin War). Several trails in the vicinity of the site are used for hiking, horseback riding, and motorized trail riding.


Vehicle Accessible Camping Walk-in / Wilderness Camping - - - Picnic Areas Campfires - Pit Toilets - - - - - Boat Launch - - Managed Site / Facility Operator


Fishing Hiking Swimming - - Canoeing / Kayaking - - - - ATV / Motorized Trails - - Horse Riding - - - - - -


Campsite privacy
Fun for kids
Lots of shade

Number of campsites: 3, reservable: 0, nearest town: Anahim Lake (13 km), Bella Coola (149 km)

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Access By: Road (RV accessible)

The site is located just off Highway 20, 3 km north of Nimpo Lake.

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Open all year

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