Sloquet Creek Hotsprings Recreation Site


Sloquet Creek Hot Springs is the main attraction at this rustic and remote campsite. These natural hot springs beside the Sloquet Creek are accessed via a steep trail from the campsite. Despite difficulty of access, this site is very popular on weekends. Tables, outhouses and fire rings on site. No garbage pick up - please take it with you. The area is busy with industrial traffic, drive carefully.


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Campsite privacy
Fun for kids
Lots of shade

Number of campsites: 7, reservable: 0, nearest town: Pemberton

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Access By: Road (2-Wheel-Drive)

Travel to approx. 76.5 km on the In-shuck-ch Forest Service Road from Mount Currie (also known as Lillooet lake road, West), which runs along the lower Lillooet river, just North of Harrison Lake. You can also get there via the Harrison West FSRfrom Harrison Mills which takes you North along Harrison Lake. Between 76 and 77km, a road takes off just North of the bridge over Sloquet creek. Take this road for approx. 9km, and take the left fork at approx. 9km. A sign board on the left welcomes you to the site.

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Camping fee: $10.00

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Open all year

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