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Two Canyon Loop (Lynn & Seymour) (Land Trail)

Two Canyon Loop (Lynn & Seymour) (Land Trail)

This relatively easy 8-km hike in the urban forests of North Vancouver offers a good variety of terrain and vegetation and some interesting sights. The trail loops over two canyons (Lynn and Seymour) and includes a suspension bridge, a pleasant stretch along Seymour River, a boardwalk across a boggy area, and beautiful waterfalls.

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Hiking N/A - Boating N/A - Canoeing / Kayaking N/A - Bicycling N/A - Mountain Biking N/A - ATV / Motorized Trails N/A - Climbing N/A - Horse Riding N/A - Cross-country Skiing N/A - Snowshoeing N/A - Snowmobiling

Trail Stats

Length:7.46 km
Average Grade: 2.51 %
Time to Complete:2-3 hours

Elevation Stats

Elevation Gain:187 m
High Point:209 m
Low Point:22 m
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Nearest City: North Vancouver. Location: Vancouver Coast and Mountains, British Columbia

Elevation Profile

Trail Elevation Profile


Suspension Bridge in Lynn CanyonLynn CanyonSkunk CabbageA Bridge across a small creekBoardwalk on one section of the trailSeymour River

Additional Information

From the parking lot, take the suspension bridge across the canyon and marvel at the rushing Lynn Creek far below. Once on the other side, bear left and follow the trail as it descends to a beautiful pool in the river. Then, go up on the wooden stairs and follow the trail left to the parking lot at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Cross the parking lot and follow the Twin Bridges Trail through the forest of cedar and hemlock, then take Homestead Trail as it goes off left and down toward Seymour River. At the river, turn right on Fisherman Trail and follow it to Twin Bridges. This stretch of trail follows the Seymour River downstream and offers some interesting sights, such as remnants of old homesteads, a salmon habitat complete with interpretive signage, an old tunnel, and several viewpoints of the river. Cross Seymour River on Twin Bridge and continue on Fisherman Trail to the Pipeline Bridge. The banks of Seymour River become steeper and form an impressive canyon. The Pipeline Bridge offers the best view of the canyon. After crossing Seymour River once again on the Pipeline Bridge, take a steep flight of wooden stairs up to a semi-open area and go straight following the Baden-Powell Trail. The trail soon comes to an intersection with Lillooet Road. Follow the signs for Baden Powell trail as it starts again a short distance to the left along Lillooet Road. Follow Baden Powell trail on a boardwalk through a boggy forest. In spring, bright green leaves of blooming skunk cabbage can be seen everywhere. Cross Lynn Creek on Twin Falls Bridge and enjoy the sight of spectacular cascading waterfalls. Follow the trail up to the starting point, the Lynn Canyon Park parking lot.

Directions to Trailhead

The trail starts at the parking lot at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver.

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